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widespread flooding. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> you remember when isabelle hit in baltimore city, there was a lot of flooding . that's where the condition is with sandy on the way and flooding in fells point and downtown. >> they are prepping. brian kuebler is live in fells point where they are starting to fill the sand bags. >> reporter: we know one of the most vulnerable parts of the city during storms is right here in fells point. it's why the city dutched a pile of sand at the pier for residents and businesses to get sandbags. workers are giving away six bags peperson and checking ids to keep track of that. it will go on until 9:00 and do so until 9:00 tomorrow night. they want folks to be ready because this storm could have a quote isabelle-type storm surge. a possibility many business open rs down here are well aware -- owners down here are well aware of. >> we have the tv channels and looking at the models. it doesn't look good. >> what goes through your mind? >> a lot of prayers. >> reporter: now, in an hour, the city will open two more locations like this one, is sand di
can see the waves coming up from ocean city. it's incredible. we're going to work on that. we're working on waiting on the governor. let's go over to mike masco and meteorologist wyatt everhart. >>> let's get to that first weather update. i tell you, hurricane sandy still a monster, monster storm. we're waiting for the fresh 5 p.m. update. we can see the storm clearly coming ashore southern new jersey. it's making landfall over the next hour or so. it's going to cross over central kept county delaware and come across through cease -- cease -- cecil, given the current movement of the storm. you see the size and scope of sandy, coming ashore at the southern tip of new jersey, basically rung up the delaware bay which may give it more time to maintain full strength, a little bit of additional water. now the huge storm surge we still anticipate being up here, central northern new jersey through the new england states and new york. again, we will have some of the worst rain and probably the worst rain in delaware and maryland. we will be the two hardest hit states. the eyewall comin
of this runs on donations and the most recent one is exceeding expectations. at party city on york road near towson, a dollar added to their much that goes directly to the baltimore child abuse center. >> they're saying, yes, we want to be a part of this and yes we want to make a difference. >> reporter: jennifer sacks is the owner of 11 stores and said this campaign has raised nearly $50,000 sense they started it in sent. the result far surpassing what they anticipated. >> when they come to the register, they're asked to make a donation. it's left open. weave seen $17 and $2 donations and some that hit $100 and in between. >> it's exceeded all of our expectat the executive director of the center is surprised and excited to see the amount of pledges already paid pie party city customers, a success he believes is driven by one of the worst sex abuse scandals. >> when they see penn state and the boy scouts, they want to stop something. the fact that they can do something locally oar doing so one dollar at a time, funding the fight against what we all saw in penn state right here at home. now t
rain over ocean city. notice how everything is progressing. what i have to watch is what's going on over west virginia. this will shiest into the city -- shift into the city over the course of the evening. what happens after game time. what happens during the course of the game. the radar will be showing more of a shower variety as we go into the game. 54 right now, a drop in temperatures during the course of the dpai. 50 at 8:07. let's show you the seven-day. that's coming up in a little bit. >>> the old -- o's dropped a heartbreaker. >> time to get ready for game two. the o's prep for tonight's firsty. new game. >> let's bring in christian schaffer. game two. a resilient bunch. >> game one, i think you saw what the yankees have -- cc is a bath ya. all throughout the post season they're talking about trying to get this game back if baltimore. he wanted the home game for the fans. they got it. now he says he needs more support from the fans. >> i thought it took maybe some but the per flies. the players were good. it was everything i thought it would be and more. i was real proud
, over two feet of snow. there's the ocean city pier, what's left of it. all you see are the pilings there. the waves beginning to calm down. kent island, watching the next high tide cycle at 7:00 tonight. the susquehanna, look at the movement. that river is whipping and very, very brown. so we're still feeling the effects from superstorm sandy. she's putting the cold air in our area, 30s. more on that straight ahead. >> all right. state officials have confirmed to us there have been three deaths related to sandy. >> a pasadena man lost his life yesterday when a tree fell on his home. >> brian kuebler spoke to his son. there's no way you can prepare for it. >> reporter: sandy took three lives, one of them in pasadena. the scene almost as tragic as the story. the 7700 block of suit drive has become an attraction, but for the family of 74-year-old donald con aado. >> he lived here. >> the son told us about his father, an jar. as his son boards up, he is haunted by the very last conversation the two had. >> i was standing in the doorway talking to him about it. he said what's the matter
york city. yellow cabs covered to the roofs. we were lucky. >> reporter: bge is moving swiftly to tackle the toppled trees and downed lines. >> the guide wire needs to be pulled out of the tree. >> reporter: the crew drove from missouri to lend a helping hand. >> 17 hours, and it was not with we expected. >> reporter: it's the same expectation many had. now many of them are thankful, with the help of these crews, that they should rebound so quickly. they've come in. they stayed out of their way. they've been very responsive. if you walk over, they talk with you. i'm very happy with what they've done. they've gotten us up and running so far pretty quickly. >> the missouri linemen said they spent five days in louisiana after katrina. once they finish their work they are expected to be sent north to help with new jersey and new york. all of us are looking at trees differently. we had a contractor killed when a tree fell on him on homewood avenue. the victim died at scene. firefighters said the man was part of the crew contracted to clean up trees in the area. >>> in towson they we
. he has been getting to know the city and a lot of the problems. many council members say he knows some of the problems. the council said he can ping where commissioner fred bealefeld left off. >> we have to focus, go back and have a greater focus on community engagement and property crimes, burglaries, robberies, thingses that impact the family, things that make them move ot or not come to the city. >> reporter: according to the councilman, he said one of the things he did do is he drove with him for about two hours where he identified a lot of the problems. he said some of the things are the small crimes that irritate people. so that's some of the questions he has to find out what he's going to do to solve some of the personal crimes. the hearing started about a minute ago. we'll hopefully have sound from anthony bats coming up. that is the setup, clear conditions over the east, new rain maker, rocketing toward areas north and east of canada. 50s, rather clear and cool. >> we first told you about the missing money trail of hal katz. joce sterman broke the story and is here with a
to historic ybor city. many of the old buildings are here as well as the practice of lefthand rolling si -- hand rolling cigars. >> i think them keeping up with it is bet are -- better. they are both from cuba. >> they don't have added stuff, just 100% natural. >> reporter: denny of firchtionberg -- finksburg agrees. >> it will always rejuvenate but to watch them roll their own, it's a nice touch. >> reporter: he and his friend traveled to orioles. with time to kill during the day -- >> e -- ybor city. >> the young kids are exceptional. it's fun to watch. >> reporter: okay. i've got three ybor city cigars with our names on it -- me, jamie and kelly. tomorrow night at camden yards. the orioles can pull those off. let's say the three of us celebrate. what do you think? >> you got it. a victory cigar. >> reporter: back at 5:30 some of the players. >> not only is the theme in limbo, so are we. we have more on how people spent the day working on plan c, d and e. >> reporter: it's like trying to figure out who your third cousin's nieces are on your wife's side. two games may or may not diseed.
and four grandchildren are dead. >> the city had a very significant loss last evening with the matriarch of the family perished along with the four grandchildren. the fire is being investigated. we stand in support of the family as they try to get through this tragedy. >> it takes a tragedy like this to make people think of fire prevention. is my house safe. could i get out. until now fire deaths were down along with the number of fires and injuries. a program gave out free smoke alarms with a 10-year lithium batteries. they are hoping the 5200 they gave out last year will make a deference -- that and more education on what to do. >> we want people to call 311 to make sure the homes are protected with a working smoke alarm. secondly, don't use your oven to heat the home. not only is it a fire hazard but a health hazard, the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. we want to pay void that at all cost -- avoid that at all costs. >> reporter: the city will canvass that neighborhood to make sure people have working smoke detectors. once you make that call, within a couple of hours someone w
close to la trobe homes. it happened around 3 this afternoon. a spokesman for the baltimore city fire department said 11 students suffered non-life-threatening injuries. all 13 patients were transported to area hospitals but are expect to survive. now how the accident happened, baltimore city police say they're still investigating that, but what we know is the city school bus and a mini van collided. a pedestrian in the area was also hit. 13 people all sent to the hospital, two adults. the pedestrian and the driver of the mini van and 11 children, all of them non-life-threatening injuries. we'll be keeping our eyes on this throughout the night. cheryl con next website -- conner, abc2 news. >>> looks like the meningitis outbreak is getting worse. federal officials are now tying meningitis to many groups of people. >> reporter: federal health officials are sounding the alarm on fungal meningitis. it was made by new england compounding center that distributed steroids, now suspected of sickening 233 people. 15 people have died in 15 states according to the cdc, including marcia martin's
but wow feel better if they had a posted grade to make you nowitzki? that's what the baltimore city council wants to find out. they took part on a bill that could bring grades to the restaurants in the city. some owners don't like the idea brandon scott said the good operators shouldn't be worried. >> they have nothing to worry about. we have places along that corridor that have been closed down several times and that aren't the cleanest but the average citizen doesn't know that because there is no way for them to know what is going on. >> reporter: and the measure would ask that the health department to start posting inspections online. >> it was the most tweeted political event in history. last night the first debate focused on the economy. the president tried to keep focus on the benefits of the affordable health care and romney's tax care but romney attacked the president for being partisan and not doing enough to close the deficit. >> the format lent itself to one or the other candidates, he took that opportunity. he set the standard. i think the -- i didn't think the presi
and their grand mother were laid to rest. >> roosevelt was at the church today as the city tried to give the family strength. what a devastating story. >> reporter: horrible. hundreds of people, family and folks around the city came to remember the lives lost. four small children and their grandmother. their deaths have made the city cry. ♪ [ music ] this is sad. to look at a casket so small it doesn't just break your heart, it shatters it. how do you get over something like this? only in time and having the support of a community that shares your grief. james, ty, annie, little fat man. little angel. all died october 11th in the arms their grandmother who died trying to save them. >> mom, i love you and i [i best mom anybody could want. rest in peace and [inaudible] >> reporter: when a child dies the community is diminished. when four die the world is a lesser place. the loss is overwhelming. healing does come. for those who believe there is something higher healing will come eventually through grace. >> [inaudible] for -- for a word she isn't saying. i know my time is running out b
of baltimore's wealthiest neighborhoods. now the search is on to find the person responsible. city police said she was headed to a car when three men grabbed her. >> they approached her at gun point. they ordered her into the vehicle and drove her to an atm in the neighborhood where she withdrew an undisclosed amount of currency. >> about 10 minutes letter a 19-year-old was riding his bike when hit by a car. they robbed him, too. both victims were released unharmed. police say the three men were driving a silver four-door dodge stratus. if you spot the vehicle matching the description, police are asking that you give them a call right away. >>> a huge crime spree has ended with the arrest of tiff teenagers. >> they targeted more than 100 victims and did more than 20,000 worth of damage. jeff hanger has more on what broke the case. >> reporter: russell halterman is charged with stopping the two months of mayhem with a two-month investigation. the teens inside were acting suspiciously. later he spotted the same car racing out of that neighborhood and stopped it for speeding when reports came in
: it was that cooperation that resulted in the arrest of the two suspects. the city case yielding a lead. >> baltimore city detectives were able to get a tag. they began to work together investigating themes incidents. they were able to identify the owner of the vehicle used and connect one of the suspects to the owner. >> reporter: pat least one of the -- at least one of the suspects should go before a judge. police want people to see -- there may be others. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> although there is no way to garn tee your safety on the street, there are things you can do. you need to always be awar of your surroundings. don't have your head walking down at the phone. keep both hands free. it's a good idea to carry a whistle or some pepper spray. if a car pulls up right next to you, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. if someone approaches you, look for a lighted window and wave and shout making sure someone is watching you. >>> baltimore county police said a 23-year-old firefighter anthony cottle faces charges that he sexually abused a 14-year-old boy. he said cottle attacked him after
-12 wins, wins. they say they can't imagine what the city is going to be like when they return from detroit. one week ago tonight i was standing in texas doing live shots from down there in a game that the texas rangers didn't want to be playing in. they came up flat. here we go again, yankees, do they want to be here tonight? no, they should have closed it out tonight. the stadium is half empty now. we will see how it goes. it gave the opportunity for orioles fans to come up here. people after the game last night, some people went in stub hub right then and bought tickets. others were like this morning, should we do it. it's a be.5 hour drive. people bought the tickets and drove up here. they are here to support the orioles, we heard a loud o during the national anthem. here is what some of the fans had to say going in. >> i immediately weapon on stub hub and bought the tickets within ten minutes. i knew i was going to be here. >> we were going to come up yesterday but lost the night before. while this morning we were going to say watch it on television, mark called me up, he is like we ar
'll sew a lot of wind, a lot of rain. we have more coming up. >>> the city of baltimore has taken steps. there are several things you can do. first, they say make sure you have a battery powered radio, flashlights and enough water to last three days. make sure to clear debris from your neighborhood storm drains. >>> sandy is already makes its mark on florida. tropical storm warnings have been issued. we'll take you live to delray beach and check in with our sister station for the latest. >>> he had come to visit family members on leave from the military. >> but the 24-year-old sailor had his trip and life cut short last week when he was gunned down in baltimore. >> reporter: at this point police have no suspects and few witnesses to the shooting. they just know someone fired multiple shots killing the sailor before driving away. tucked inside the road, betty heard the distinctive sounds of gunfire. >> me and my friends heard five gunshots. >> reporter: when she opened the streed someone on marbourn avenue asked for help. he said get me a towel. he said i don't think he will make it. >>
the city's support. you're truly the best baseball fans. we have proof. le a find it -- you'll find it on abc2news.com. you'll find post season pics. they're all on there. >> that's good. >>> you got to go to the doctor. the first thing they ask -- do i have to get a shot? >> an alternative to the flu shot. >> more cases of meningitis in maryland. we'll explain why one doctor said there's no need to pan eke. >> your dog may show you affection by giving you a smooch but you should put pan end to puckering up to your pooch. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >>> parents, you know taking your kids to the doctor is no fun, es
that ellicott city home but they plef there may be more victims. a tip led police to 42-year-old michael stephen mckenny. they believe he stole and copied a key to the home and went in there first in june when he set up a camera. >> this is one of those cases where help from the public was critical. we were receiving calls within 30 minutes of releasing the video. we had ifed him within -- identified him within an hour and at his home within two hours. >> they believe there may be other victims who were taped without their knowledge. anyone with information is asked to call 410-313-3200. >>> well, as former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky prepares to mount an apeecialtion the person known only as victim one until now is speaking out. we have more on the teen who said that abuse went on for years. for years he was known in court records as victim number one but aaron fisher is ready to come out. >> i want to be connected to a hero. >> reporter: the trial of jerry sandusky may not have happened without fisher's interview. fesher, now 18 -- fisher, now 18, said he was just 10 whe
years, but last night charm city finally gave birth to a playoff. >> as soon as i get lunch, i'm going to the ballpark. the shirts could have been $100 and i still would have bought it. >> reporter: it's been a tough few years. getting lost in the passion for his hometown team a breeder from life outside the two white lines. >> baseball got me through a whole lot of things, deployment. i lost my wife recently and baseball really, the orioles baseball really got me through a lot. this means so much. >> especially after so long. it's something they want to fuel in the coming days waiting for his playoff orioles order to arrive. >> this is our first experience with the playoffs. we figure it's been quite awhile. >> this is post season. >> reporter: he predered just about every combination of shirt or otherwise, a month ago, a financial and risky bet but one the small business own are knew then and new could pay off. >> there are so many different scenarios. i'm trying to stay out of a mental institution. we're up all night trying to figure it out. so it's quite a bit. >> reporter: but it'
city is preparing for the game. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >>> ladies, we know you have heard it before, early detection is the key to feeting breast cancer and mammogram is the key. most health insurance companies cover the cost. the cdc recommends women 50 and older get tested every two years. >>> you know, it's one of the most commonly used drugs for breast cancer but for some women they could stop working after a few years. abc2 news health reporter linda so said there is help for an alter -- hope for an alternative. >> reporter: she said she appreciates tamoxifen. >> i just take a pill every day. >> reporte
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20